Website Review on Fungi

Website/ Book Review

 The Fungi Kingdom, By: Barbara Liang discusses the common characteristics of fungi. Fungi live everywhere, some are microscopic and extend for more than a thousand acres. Research shows that fungi are more related to the animal kingdom then the plant kingdom.

Did you know Fungi can reproduce asexually as well as sexually? The sexual life cycle of fungi is different from all other eukaryotic organisms in that the zygote is the only diploid cell. The coexistence of two different mating types of nuclei is the dikaryotic stage, which is unique to fungi. In my opinion this website basically represents a book. It has a very easy format and the text is the right size to read. The website has visuals and charts to explain certain parts of the characteristics of fungi.

In my opinion this website was essential for enduring learning because it provides accurate information in a format in which everyone can understand. The illustrations and descriptions of fungi in this website represent the topic so its understandable to all readers. I would recommend this website to anyone interested in Fungi or needing information on the topic. For more information go to:

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