Website Review #2 on Fungi

What Is Fungi?
By: Kelly Schweyer
The Tree of Life Web Project website was designed by researchers from multiple universities throughout the U.S.A to show studies on Fungi. In this website you can find the Characteristics, Fossil records, Biogeography’s, and the discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships. Fungi are our most important plant pathogens. Rather than requiring a stomach to accomplish digestion, fungi live in their own food supply and simply grow into new food as the local environment becomes nutrient depleted.
Fungi are decomposers because they live off there own food supplies as well as grow into new food. This is a healthy way to save the environment by recycling. By reading this website instead of a book we are also reducing the use of paper.
This website discusses Fungi in a more professional approach to learning. There are pictures of microscopic views probably found by the university these researchers study at. They have descriptive captions relating to the text and the website has a fairly easy format. This website lacks the ability to have a glossary on hand for unknown words which can make it difficult as a reader. The text is all related to Fungi at some point in its development. As a reader, Fungi is easy to understand when the information is all related to the same topic.
This website is a good learning tool because it gives more of an academic approach to Fungi as a pose to a practical version with lots of pictures and less information. Understanding the topic was not hard because the information was really basic. The pictures and research were very helpful to me because they showed the website had fact to offer and it wasn’t just made up. I would recommend this website to any young adult interested in Microbiology because it offers helpful information which could potentially lead to more advances in research.
Citing this page:
Blackwell, Meredith, Rytas Vilgalys, Timothy Y. James, and John W. Taylor. 2009. Fungi. Eumycota: mushrooms, sac fungi, yeast, molds, rusts, smuts, etc.. Version 10 April 2009. in The Tree of Life Web Project,

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  1. Sam says:

    This website to use because it has alot of information. This information that you get is very useful to anyone who has to learn about fungi. The pictures are very helpful in the sense that they are related to the topic they are talking about. This site was a good pick for anyone who needs some clarification about fungi.

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